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With an ever growing assortment of hi-tech and digital vision healthcare solutions, Yash Optics & lens is enabling happy eyes for a healthy life

LUSTRAA - A range of premium innovative coatings

  • LUSTRAA HD - High Defination Coating for Multiple Protection
  • LUSTRAA UV+ - Maximum Protection from Harmful UV Rays
  • LUSTRAA BLUE+ - Protection from Digital Device Blue Light
  • LUSTRAA IR+ - Anti-reflection Treatment from Solar Impacts
  • LUSTRAA DRIVEASE - Reduced Glare for More Comfortable Driving
  • LUSTRAA FOG FREE - Clear Fog Free Vision in Daily Activity

Progressive ismart3+

Discover ISMART3+

ISMART3+ is customized progressive lens which provides high accurate vision and enhance your performance by providing effortless focusing across various distances.

Features of ISMART3+

  • Tailor made to fit individual requirements.
  • Dynamic lens design as per your working profession.
  • Optimize the most suitable design percentage wise.

Discover IRELAX

IRELAX innovative design calculated to reduce visual fatigue. This lens is design for people aged between 18 to 35 to reduce symptoms like shoulder pain, dry eye and blur vision. IRELAX stress free mono focal lens available with specific design and accommodative support of 0.50 and 0.75D.

Features of IRELAX

  • The greatest possible comfort at the work place
  • Less fatigue eye vision
  • Ideal for home and office environment

Progressive irelax