Yash Lenses RX Lab

Yash Lenses Rx Lab offers the advance german based Free Form Progressive Digital lenses.This Free Form Progressive Lensesintroduced in market from the point of view of individual customer requirement. We provide progressive lenses with feature high practical zone of vision, no distortion, no swinging effects at periphery, level of astigmatism are lowered, lens designs can create fine visual enhancement for each patient. Yash Lenses offers a wide range of individual progressive lenses in channel length of 15mm, 17mm and 19mm. This progressive fully customized lens design, optimised layers of vision, confortable usage of patient.

TEXUS Hard Coat : Texus represent our hard coat progressive lens. Hard coat are today a standard within coating lens.

UlTRA ONE : Ultra one "Anti Reflactive Coating" based lens developed to provide finest and clear vision. This lens has high visual acuity, improved night vision, reduced glare from back surface vision, enhanced cosmetic appearance.

YOU 2 : You 2 is ultimate ''OLEOPHOBIC'' lens with cover on top of Ultra one technology. This lens repels water, repels oil, dust and fingerprints, while still reducing reflacions, easy keep clean.

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