Lens Coating

Lens Coating Types

Coating that is applied to the surface of a lens element which is designed to reduce light reflection and increase light transmission within the lens. With advance research of new materials, coatings and product development to manufacturing, innovation can be found in every corner of the yashlenses company.

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Texus Coating,lens coating,hard coating


Hard coatings are today a standard within an antireflection coating. Therefore lacquers are used which form an almost perfect buffer among the lens surface and the extra brittle AR coating.


Anti-reflection coatings have been advanced to lessen reflections for camera lenses and feature now turn out to be had for prescription glasses lenses.

Ultraone Coating,Anti-reflection coatings
You2 Coating,oleophobic coating Anti-reflective coatings


Yash lenses offers the newest generation of eyeglasses with oleophobic coating Anti-reflective coatings are formulated using unique and proprietary chemical compositions, combined with a premium bonding layer for powerful adhesion to the lens substrates.

Blue Block

There are lenses that help reduce exposure to harmful blue light. blue block adaptive lenses selectively filter harmful blue light and provide at least 20% protection indoors and over 85% protection outdoors.

 lenses help reduce exposure to harmful blue light.
Mirror Coating lenses


Mirror coatings are applied to lenses by a vacuum application of interference layers made of powdered oxides, metals, lacquered plastics or other available compounds.

Fog Free

Advance optimized technology with superior coating properties to enjoy fog free vision.More than 70% of the spectacle wearers faces fog issue.Fog free lens provides fog free & clear vision in daily activities.