Customised Progressive Lenses

Customised Progressive

Optiflex Benefits

Visiflex Benefits

  • Improved vision & postural comfort in any task.
  • Comfortable use of all modern devices like i-pad, laptop, smartphone & computers.
  • Wide corridor provides a comfortable intermediate & near vision.
  • Ideal visual comfort.
  • Easy to adapt.
Optocare Lenses

Optocare Benefits

  • High resolution vision.
  • No image swim effect.
  • Clear peripheral design & less distortion.
  • Optimised layers of vision areas.
  • Back surface design follows the natural eyeball rotation.

Xenton Benefits

  • Fully customized digital progressive lens.
  • Custom fit tailored made lens .
  • Point to point lens surface optimisation.
  • 10 to 15% thinner and lighter as compare to any progressive lens.
  • Better cosmetic outcome.
  • Swim/sway effect optimisation.